Bloodmasque is Available Now on Apple’s App Store

If you happen to be one of those who have been apprehensively rooting for Square Enix’s Bloodmasque and i hope you have saved a few bucks as this groundbreaking action role-playing game is finally up for grab at Apple’s App Store for £4.99 or €5.99.

Bloodmasque is set in a flip-flopped version of 19th century Paris where players are put in a vampire controlled environment. The game also features the ability to scan your own visage with the help of your iOS device’s camera and makes you appear as the main protagonist.

Some of the main highlights of the game are:

  • Being exclusive to iOS operated devices, Bloodmasque will use touch-screen controls. The players will tap the screen to attack & swipe it to dodge the enemy attacks.
  • The game is powered by Unreal Technology and delivers beautiful stages in a smooth fashion. Belligerents at a large-scale with amazing details make it one of its kind.
  • As mentioned above, the game will take your own visage and make it your own character which you would be able to further customize. Players will also be able to put in their friend’s photos to make them in-game allies.
  • Players will be able to recruit hunters to their cause – these recruit can be real time friends.
  • It is promised that the game will deliver a total 20-hour long gameplay experience. And after the main storyline ends, it will also have a bunch of challenges and trials to keep you going.
  • In-game store will allow you to purchase new items to enhance your gaming experience.

The game is compatible with iPhone 3GS and above and you can buy it here!

For more information on Bloodmasque, you can visit their official website.