World of Tanks: Update 8.7 Brings New British Artillery

Update 8.7 for World of Tanks goes live today in Europe; while players in North America and Korea will receive it on July 25 and August respectively, developer Wargaming announced today through a press release.

The update brings a “brand new branch of British self-propelled guns” that include the iconic Sexton, Bishop, the Crusader and more. The Conqueror Gun Carriage has been added to Tier 10, the Soviet light tank T-50-2 has been replaced with the Tier 6 MT-25, and a number of post-World War II prototypes have been added to the garage.

Additionally the update comes packed with a new winter map as well called Belogorsk-19; while existing maps Highway and Harbour get visual overhauling.

Last month at E3 Wargaming announced an Xbox 360 edition of the game; of which beta registrations have gone live. To sign up head here and fill in the required fields. All you need to be eligible is an Xbox Gold membership.

“World of Tanks comes to Xbox 360 with the custom built version of the global online multiplayer phenomenon dedicated to tank warfare in the mid-20th century,” said Major Nelson regarding the 360 version. “Command some of history’s most powerful tanks and experience intense combat where the excitement of battle is enhanced by working together with your tank platoon to win the fight.”

World of Tanks is a popular MMO action title featuring tank warfare. The game features well over 300 different vehicles from the respective armies of US, Germany, Soviet Union, UK and China. Wargaming has taken to great pains in touching up the details with historical accuracy.

Jump into a panzer and know what exactly it felt like driving one on the battlefield.