Trailer For The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Asks You About the Crucial Choice

The Bureau has been making it to the news with its vintage inspired look, rustic outdoors and hardnosed characters – it’s a worth following title and if you are in the dark, you better enlighten yourself now.

Not to forget the flinching thought of alien invasion amidst the classic 50’s, the overall game ensues an always-on-the-edge kind of a situation; its latest trailer doesn’t go astray from that as well.

If you had a look at any of the previous trailers, you would have contemplated that the tense aura of there is constantly increasing – I guess that’s how 2K Games wants it to be. Now the trailer that came out a couple of days ago tries to take that up another notch.

Starring Merry from Lord of the Rings, and with the real name Dominic Monaghan, the trailer encompasses a solitary time with the Agent Ennis Cole who is recording an account of the last alien attack.

A single combat ship of aliens has been used for the first time against civilians and has done considerable damage to humans.

The Prima Incident as it is codenamed has caused the lives of many and that includes Cole’s wife aged 27 and his son aged 10 – something that he enters into the report and later removes.

That is where the trailer ends, but that is not where the story ends. The last screen of the trailer asks us to make the tough decision; should Agent Cole grab the gun or grab the bottle.

A contest has been up and running on Twitter since the trailer was released. It asks you to choose what you think Agent Cole should do now by either tweeting with #GrabTheBottle or by tweeting #GrabTheGun.

The contest ends on the 24th when the winner will be announced.

So, what would it be?