Rumor: Microsoft to Allow Indie Devs to Self-Publish

Microsoft is planning on reviewing their policies regarding indie developers which now will give them the power to self-publish their titles through Xbox Live.

Sources close to the firm relayed to Game Informer that the decision comes in the wake of a “cacophony of naysayers” who were unhappy with Microsoft’s policies.

In May of this year, Microsoft announced that indie developers would have to obtain a publishing deal from them or a third-party house in order to release their games on Xbox Live.

However this created a backlash of disappointed developers who urged them to reconsider. Earlier this week Compulsion Games complained that they are unable to gain access to Xbox One dev kits; adding also that the indie circles are being pushed away by Microsoft’s approach.

“Microsoft currently isn’t letting indies self-publish,” the studio’s head said, “so we’re holding out for the moment in the hopes that they reverse their positions. Development kits are also more difficult to gain access to this early in the game. We’re hoping that will change at some point soon”.

If the rumor of Microsoft reviewing their indie policies is true; then not only developers will get the opportunity to self-publish, they also will be able to choose release dates and pricing.

Competitors Sony and Nintendo both have already allowed developers to publish their own titles. If Microsoft does change its policies then this will make it a second time for the software giant to go back on its word since its removal of the always-online features from the Xbox One in order to please consumers.