New Trailer of Assassin’s Creed 4 Shows off Open World Features

Set in a historical time, the piratical action adventure open world game sounds more promising with every new insight relayed by Ubisoft.

A couple of news stories in the previous days have talked a lot about the open world environment that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will have, the latest trailer by Ubisoft has emphasized that further.

The 14 minutes long footage presents extensive insights about what lays in front of Edward Kenway. Though the developers have completely revamped the game to make sure it looks nothing like any of the previous Assassin’s Creed games, the Caribbean touch of a young pirate’s life still has an appeal to it.

Coming back to the trailer, game director Ashraf Ismail takes us through the West Indies from the year 1717 where he introduces us to a returning feature in the game; contracts. These are going to be optional, you could take them up for the bounty or the notoriety that you want to gain.

So, Kenway is assigned to kill two Templar brothers and he does the first one easily by sneaking up to him taking him out by hand. When the other brother makes a run for it, the game starts to show its open world features.

A one on one fight turns into a naval battle as the Templar takes him to ship with Jackdaw, Kenway’s ship and the second most valuable character of the game, on his tail.

According to Ashraf, the opponent’s ship is one of the many that you would get to fight with some requiring you to upgrade Jackdaw before you can go one on one with them.

Nevertheless, Kenway takes down the Templar ship, kills some of their crew, finds new crew mates among them, plunders their resources and collects a lot of rum and finally sends the ship back to his fleet. Though he had the option to completely destroy it or use it upgrade Jackdaw as well.

Thereon, Ashraf boasts of the open world environment that fits seamlessly with the actual game missions. Kenway jumps off the ship and swims to a small island to find a treasure map on a dead corpse.

Going after the treasure the gameplay depicts an extensive stealth mechanism and the use of Kenway’s blowgun that can either fire sleeping darts or berserk darts that make the enemies hallucinate and start fighting against each other.

The mission is accomplished with less mayhem than expected and Kenway walks back with some new blueprints. Blueprints, as Ashraf conveys, are of epitomic importance as they help in upgrading jackdaw.

It is here at this island that another signature feature is introduced, the synchronization of maps that will now let Kenway to head back to any previously visited location whenever he wants – synchronization points also double owing to the ability to warp to locations using fast travel. 

The trailer ends with an awe-inspiring view of the Caribbean waters and the small island that the protagonist just plundered – it’s not just the gameplay that’s worth watching.

The overall environment and the huge map that is shown off at the start of the trailer set the tone for the game. Expect a big one!

A lot has been shared in a single trailer, October 29th is the day I have my eyes on.