Check Out the New PS4 GUI Images

If you’ve been wondering what the PS4 OS might look like to you as an average consumer, wonder no longer, because Sony has just released some new screenshots of the dashboard and the basic Graphical User Interface.

There’s a full galley below that you can check out that includes pretty much all of the images that we have collected of the interface since E3, but if you don’t feel like browsing them all these are the newer ones:

The new UI doesn’t look as bad as some people have been saying, though those might be the old XMB lovers. People are also calling it a MS Metro clone but overall I like it. I especially like how it’s taken the color scheme of PlaystationBlog. I just hope it’s customizable and dynamic, as that would really be awesome.

There seems to be a big focus on social features. You can see in one of the first pictures as someone is sharing a video and you can thumb it up and watch it.

Another interesting thing to note about the picture in question is that the video is exactly 15 minutes long. This ties in with Sony’s recent announcement that the PS4 will continuously record the last 15 minutes of gameplay at all times.

It’s possible you can use the new social/share button on the PS4 controller to instantly upload the last 15 minutes of footage without interrupting gameplay.

Not sure about how great the messaging feature will be, the clashing colors hurt my eyes and not to mention that composing a message (or holding any kind of a chat conversation online) using a controller is a nightmare in the first place.

Oh and just so you know, the thinner images belong to the UI displayed on mobile phone devices.