Need for Speed: Rivals New Trailer Sheds Light on the Intense Rivalry

Though the fans still have to wait for nearly four months before the next iteration of the racing frenzy Need for Speed Rivals hits the market, Electronic Arts will make sure that they have something to keep the anticipation going.

An extended version of the Official E3 trailer has been released by EA which does great justice to the intensity of the rivalry that Cops and Racers will carry in the game.

“We’re unbound, free, unshackled” says the voice over of a cop, “you may call us thugs, but deep down you know you need us. We are the law, you can catch devils with angels” sounds a pretty strong story for a cop in the game, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, the racer smirks “I am not you, I am the life you’re too scared to live” he boasts “you wanna know why I do this? I wanna know why you don’t”. So it is an evenly forceful attachment that EA has introduced into the game.

Not to forget the superb graphics evidenced in great detail throughout the 1 minute 47 second video. In addition to the previous “Cops vs. Racers” trailer of E3 this one gives you plenty of new cars to expect, new gameplay and additional online features that weren’t there in the last trailer.

It’s about time that EA starts shedding more light on what the game has to offer since Need for Speed Rivals is all set to be released on 19th November this year for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

We’ll hit back with details about Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game once they arrive. Till then, enjoy the adrenaline.