Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC Was Originally Considered to be Paid DLC

It’s been well over a year since the controversy surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3 surfaced, and we all still remember BioWare pushing out a free DLC pack that added a new ending to the game, solving some of the problems that users had with the original endings.

Controversy surrounded even that, though, with many users thinking that BioWare had planned to introduce a bad ending in the game just so they could push the sales of new DLC up. The fact that the DLC ending was free seemed to calm these rumors, however.

Well, the controversy is probably going to rise again, because it looks like BioWare -did- have plans to charge us for the DLC ending after all. BioWare’s community manager, Chris Priestly, let slip at PAX Australia that there were plans within the company to charge gamers for the DLC ending.

Probably shouldn’t say this; there was discussion if it should it be charged,” … “And Casey Hudson [executive producer] said ‘No, we can’t do that. We have to make this better. We can do a better job finishing the game, providing clarity, answering some questions.’ And it was very important to the team to end it as best as possible.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that BioWare made the original ending to Mass Effect 3 terrible on purpose, but this does cast a rather sinister shadow on BioWare and their intentions to the gaming community.

There’s a lot of finger pointing to be done, and many people have accused EA of forcing BioWare into this position, whilst others are blaming BioWare themselves.

Fortunately there are people within BioWare who aren’t so unscrupulous. Priestly elaborated more one what the situation was behind the scenes when they released the Extended Cut DLC.

…it was the right thing to do [to fix the endings]”… “It would have been really easy for them to have hidden. To have put their heads down and said, “nope, we’re done. That’s it. DLC coming next month. They didn’t. And it’s hard; it’s really hard when you’ve put stuff in as a dev team for years making this game to have people say how bad it is. But they didn’t. They listened and they made the Extended Cut because it was the right thing to do and release it for free to the fans because again, it was the right thing to do.

So what do you think? Were BioWare trying to screw us? Were EA to blame? We can’t say for sure, but this doesn’t paint a good picture for either company regardless of who originally suggested it.

Source: Geek Gamerz