Chroma Squad Allows You to Manage Your Own Sentai Studio

Behold Studios has started a new Kickstarter page for a game which allows players to manage their own Sentai TV Studio.

Super Sentai is a term given to a genre of tv programs where a bunch of individuals or heroes fight together against monsters. These characters usually are armed with weapons or pilot robots/mechs that when called upon combine into a more powerful unit. A most popular example are the Power Rangers.

‘Chroma Squad’ will task players into hiring their own actors, setting their own scripts and then finally recording their own episodes.

Some of the features included are:

  • Choose their jumpsuit color and their roles on battle.
  • Select skills and make your own build of abilities. Each color has its own skill tree of possibilities.
  • Buy equipment for your studio, such as cameras, microphones, chromakey carpets and lights to improve your gameplay experience.
  • Record episodes and complete seasons.
  • Each episode is a mix between tactical turn-based battles, with tons of dialogues, and explosive cinematics.
  • You have the lights, the cameras, and of course, you make the action! You control the movement, attack and skills of each of your chromatic party while recording.
  • Purchase consumable items and improve your abilities. Example: buy fireworks and gain +1 damage to your attack.
  • Create channels and improve your marketing campaigns, sending letters to your fans’ mailboxes, chatting on IRC, going to conventions, and releasing comic books.
  • Take care of your fans, in a very cute mini-game, listening to their distinct stories and deciding if they deserve what they’re asking for. Like a little boy who asks to visit the studio, but once you let him, you can’t tell if he might break anything valuable. ;D
  • Record episodes with other studios online. Fight for audience in cooperative and competitive modes.

The project is set up with a pledge of $55,000 and currently stands with just over $20,000 from over 1,024 backers. The campaign has shown significant progress seeing that it just launched two days ago.

To support them you can head to their Kickstarter page.