Baird Analyst Predicts Xbox One’s Lead over PS4 at Launch

Baird analyst Colin Sebastian has good news for Microsoft fans and gamers alike, pointing to Microsoft’s recent reversal on online policies as the reason for its newfound success early at the pre-order market.

Earlier we learned that retailers like GameStop had capped pre-orders due to supplies for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 running low and others have predicted next-gen sales will be twice what the current generation achieved.

“Despite losing the headline battle at E3, Microsoft’s Xbox One appears to be regaining some momentum, in part due to the used and online policy tweaks,” said Sebastian. “Importantly, our supply chain checks suggest Microsoft may have the benefit of a 2-3x unit advantage at launch compared to Sony’s PS4.”

Sebastian expects both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 to have shortages of hardware at launch, and also contended the $100 price difference the Xbox One has over the PS4 won’t slow it down among early adopters of the system. Sebastian adds that Microsoft is “working with channel partners to less the [price] gap,” however.

While Sebastian’s sources seem to indicate the Xbox One is leading this console race already, Amazon’s best seller list still places the PS4 ahead of the Xbox One.

Sebastian says that the Wii U needs a price cut to remain competitive. He adds, the fate of the platform will likely rest on the popularity of Nintendo’s holiday software lineup.”

Source: Forbes