Suspicious Countdown Page Shows 29 Days to Go in Left 4 Dead 3

Apparently, Valve Cooperation has good news in store for the Left 4 Dead fans. What makes me skeptical is if Valve has actually decided to go out and put up a website dedicated to Left 4 Dead 3 countdown why couldn’t they show a source of authenticity in it?

Nevertheless, this could be a ray of hope for the fans. A website, though suspicious looking has been discovered by Chris Leddy of Stick Skills. The website gives a grim look with a huge clock ticking away towards 21st of August which supposedly is going to be the date when the second sequel of Left 4 Dead will be revealed.

So far, there has been no confirmation about it from the Valve representatives but people at Stick Skills have gone a little FBI-ish to investigate the source code of the website; word is, it looks similar to the official L4D site as far as structure and file paths go.

Left 4 Dead is a first person shooter survival horror game that revolves around the overly used yet popular theme of a zombie apocalypse though the enemy is not exactly labeled as zombies here. Rather they are living humans who are infected by some rabies like disease – but what the hell, they act like zombies so that settles it.

We do have another nudge for you towards keeping your hopes high despite the shadiness of the newly originated website. According to a report by Valvetime Left 4 Dead 3 really is in the development phase along with other titles like Half Life 3 and Source 2.

This information has been extracted from a mailing list of the project management software used by Valve, says Valvetime – pretty slick eh?