Ouya Developers Share Sales Figures

Ouya, the Android operating system based gaming console is quite new to the market. Being considered as a competitor in this industry is a big bet in itself, let alone facing big guns like Xbox and PlayStation. The console was released for retail on the 25ht of June 2013 and now the developers have shared their sales figures for the first time since then.

With game developers talking about four of OUYA titles separately for the first time, this is the foremost attempt at weighing the company and the console’s worth. They were talking to Edge and Gamasutra.

It is a new console, and the games are newer so even the smallest figures would matter. For instance, NimbleBit’s Nimble Quest being downloaded 6508 times – it was purchased 122 times apart from that, stashing a total profit of $427.

The game that probably performed the best was TowerFall, which was regarded as a well performing game by its developer Matt Thorson. Why not, the game sold 2000 copies adding $30000 to their profits. Could we get the game on PC like Matt boasted?

The next game broke even for its developer’s glee in the 3rd week after its release reaching up to just below 400 units of sales. Red is a twin-stick shooter developed by Knife Media. The co-founder, Jack Sheils believes this is not much if looked at separately but acknowledging the scarce number of Ouya consoles in the market does justify his contentedness.

The fourth game, Organ Trail was arguably the least successful of the four. Since it sold one-half of their lowest expectations, developers The Men Who Wear Many Hats aren’t too positive about it. Ryan Wiemeyer the co-founder states that there were only 501 purchases out of the total 13000+ downloads, something that makes him reconsider further work on it.

Nevertheless, just as NimbleBit’s co-founder remarked on Edge, the Android driven platform of Ouya could be the perfect starting point for indie developers.

Owing to the ease of getting a game submitted and primarily due to how easy it is to get your game in store through Ouya’s nascent portal – though he doesn’t forget to chip in about Ouya “not being a huge source of income”.