Xbox One: Project Upload Records Last 5 Minutes of Gameplay

Xbox One’s Project Upload is a feature that automatically records and shares gameplay highlights without the player having to worry over the specifics.

Ken Lobb, creative director at Microsoft Game Studios revealed new details for the feature during an interview at Comic-Con 2013.

Taking Killer Instinct as an example, Lobb explained how the Xbox One will automatically record the last five minutes of gameplay, which users can then either work on to create a montage or share on social networks and Xbox Live.

“It’s called ‘Project Upload’,” he explained. “So the idea is that you’re always recording. We have a ring buffer game DVR basically, so the last five minutes of any game you’re playing is always being stored locally on your hard drive… I’m playing online and I just did the best thing ever. I can’t pause [because] I’m playing online. You can say ‘Xbox, record that’, it’ll grab the last 30 seconds and save it for you to play with later.

“So now let’s say you’re not playing online and you do the best combo or you have the best fight ever,” Lobb continued. “[If] that thing you just did is within the last five minutes, you can go into that last five minutes and scrub it for the best stuff – I want that four seconds and this ten seconds and this 30 seconds and then I want that ultra combo. We have things, basically a wrapper, so you can put up something that comes before and after, the [example] video we showed said ‘best of Evo’, and you can also if you’d like voiceover and even put in some stuff from the Kinect camera, do picture-in-picture.”

Pretty impressive to say the least but note that a similar feature is also available on the PlayStation 4. The console will continually record 15 minutes of gameplay footage in the background while users can then share it at will using the share button located on the new DualShock 4.

Source: GameSpot