XBLA Action Packed Bundle out Now

As previously reported, the XBLA users were about to get four new bundles at discounted rates, according to a post on Major Nelson’s blog the first of the four bundles is available now.

Priced at 1600 Microsoft Points, it has been titled as the Action Packed Bundle that includes five full Xbox Live Arcade titles that go as under:

  • Bloodforge
  • Dungeon Fighter Live
  • Islands of Wakfu
  • The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
  • Unbound Saga

This hack and slash games bundle is one of the four bundles sighted at the Live Arcade Marketplace last week, the other three being a bundle of Ninjabee developed games, shoot ‘em ups and a bundle including some randomly popular games. See the full list here.

Previously, no specifications were shared but now we know that this bundle comes for 1600 MS points and apparently they are real and definitely more than just the images seen at the Marketplace and reported at NeoGAF.

These bundles usually offer the whole deal at a discounted price form what one would have paid had he bought all the games in the bundle separately. Although if you own any of the game previously you don’t get another copy of it and you don’t get any additional discounts for not downloading one of the games too.

Usually the bundles are highly anticipated – of course it depends on the type of games offered. Would you care to spend 20 bucks or 1600 MSP for this one?