Nvidia Shield Shipping on July 31st

It’s finally happening folks, the long awaited handheld gaming portable is out after the numerous delays that have plagued it due to testing and will be shipping in about a week.

If you’re not familiar with the Shield take a look at the header image. That thing there is android and has the capability to run games like a pro. Originally supposed to ship on June 27, the device was delayed due to unspecified mechanical issues. Quality and assurance testing revealed some faults with the handheld and Nvidia decided to push back the ship date by a month, citing a fault with a third party component.

The Shield is available for pre-order for the price tag of $299. It was originally $349, but they decided to lower it approximately a week or so prior to the device’s original launch date in the hopes that it could score a “home run” among gamers.

The thing is basically an Xbox 360 controller with a 720p touch screen attached to the front that can fold down and is powered by Tegra-4. It also features an HDMI port in case you want to take your gaming to the big screen, and a MicroSD slot in case you find the 16 gigabyte storage to be a bit lacking.

Not only can it play Android games, but it can also stream certain titles from your Nvidia powered PC so you can play in comfort or if you prefer a controller to a keyboard and mouse.

Source: Nvidia