DOTA 2 Compendium Adds Fantasy League and Player Cards

Valve continues to add more and more things to do on the side of the plays with regards to The International. This time, they’ve added fantasy league and player cards to the DOTA 2 compendium.

The Compendium is an item that you can purchase in the Dota 2 store which acts as a sort of interactive virtual book. You can click around in it to keep track of what’s going on in The International and 25% of the revenue generated from purchasing the Compendium go into the prize pool for the world championships.

The Compendium was a wild success and has been selling so well that it has increased the prize pot by $600,000 since it came out in May, and Valve has been so floored by its popularity that they’ve been scrambling to get more content out for it these past two months.

We were forced to admit we underestimated the community’s response to it. Upon reflection, we decided that the community was clearly sending us a message – so we spent the next two months adding more features to the Compendium.

Those features have now taken form in the shape of The International Fantasy challenge, in which players can make up their own rosters from the pool of pros attending the tournament.

As the International progresses, your fantasy team will gain points based on the players’ real world performances. Furthermore, depending on how many points your team earns, you can receive special rewards.

Another new feature is player trading cards. You’ll notice that these have started to drop along with your regular items and chests, and can be stamped into the Compendium. If you manage to collect the whole set you get an exclusive new mount.

Lastly, you can also make predictions about various stats for the tournament. You can put down whether you think Phantom Assassin or Abbadon will be the most banned/picked, who’s going to have the highest overall GPM etc. in over seven pages of predictions.