Monster Hunter Online: Gameplay Video Shows Boss Fights, Towns and Weapon Crafting

We now have eight minutes of uninterrupted gameplay from the upcoming free-to-play MMO by Tencent, Monster Hunter Online. The video shows off a variety of boss hunts, towns that players can visit and some of the weapons which they can acquire.

Right off the bat it’s pretty clear that Tencent has put in a lot of man-hours to create a classic Monster Hunter vibe. Fans of the franchise will feel right at home here.

The concept is simple; gather up your friends, scan through a town for quests, and then head on into the wild to hunt some of the most vicious monsters you can find in a game.

One of the notable features in the video is that players can create different weapons from the different parts of a monster that they have hunted. This ultimately means that the stronger the monster is, the stronger the weapon. This will cause players to continuously go hunting in order to level up their gear.

Monster Hunter Online is currently only confirmed for a Japanese release. Hopefully we’ll get a western date soon; I’m sure a game like Monster Hunter that deviates a bit from the conventional MMOs will make a fine home here.