Microsoft Details Xbox One Features at Comic-Con

Microsoft’s Xbox One panel during Comic-Con today detailed quite a few features of the console, including trigger feedback, facial recognition and more.

Ken Lobb, creative director of Microsoft showed how he used the console’s Project Upload feature to record highlights from Killer Instinct at EVO 2013. He went on to demo the controller recognition feature where the console detects who is holding the controller and loads the respective profile.

Next up was Dan Greenwalt from Turn 10 studios. He talked about a very interesting feature in Forza 5 where feedback provided to the controller’s triggers are based on tire performance in-game. This will allow players to have a better idea of braking techniques.

Josh Bridge displayed how zombies in Dead Rising 3 are anatomically correct; from the inside that is. He sliced up one to show off the organs arranged just like in a real human body.

Justin Robey from Microsoft then talked about the Smartglass feature. He took an example where you’re playing Ryse and you invite your friends for a Dead Rising Match. You’ll be notified in game when your friends are ready.

Nick Burton from Rare demonstrated how accurate the new Kinect is. Capable of detecting which finger is which at 3 meters; Burton showed some tech which scanned his face; produced a mask of it and mapped it into a game. This will allow users to “import their own face geometry and BMI onto character models” in the games. It can now even track a player’s face and reproduce facial expressions on the in-game models.

Rare is currently working on a target shooting game which makes used of player hand and eye positions, instead of a light gun.

Xbox One will release in November this year for $500.

Source: IGN