Indie Developers Unable to Gain Access to Xbox One Dev Kits

Compulsion Games is currently working on an upcoming puzzle platformer called Contrast which will be released on all major platforms, the PlayStation 4 included. The only platform missing out is the new Xbox One.

Speaking with Gamingbolt, Sam Abbott from the studio revealed that the reason for Contrast not landing on the Xbox One is because they don’t have access to the console’s development kit.

“Microsoft currently isn’t letting indies self-publish,” he said, “so we’re holding out for the moment in the hopes that they reverse their positions. Development kits are also more difficult to gain access to this early in the game. We’re hoping that will change at some point soon”.

Compulsion Games is not the only studio in this predicament. Lorne Lanning from Oddworld Inhabitants says that the Xbox One marketing team should be replace immediately; while other indie developers have expressed disappointment for Microsoft’s approach to the indie circles.

In contrast Sony is actually handing out development kits of the PlayStation 4 to indie developers. Nintendo only recently announced that they will be releasing their Wii U kits for free to everyone; the step was taken hugely for a chance to get exclusive content from smaller studios.

With the Xbox One just months away from release, Microsoft will have to address the policies regarding indie development and soon.