Dead Rising 3: New ViDoc Shows Zombie Evolution

A new video released at Comic-Con 2013 shows us evolution in zombie warfare by comparing previous titles in the Dead Rising series with the latest one.

The ViDoc marks Dead Rising 3 as the best Zombie slayer action title on the Xbox One and while Capcom takes the undead business very seriously; the humor is still here in the third iteration and it may be the best yet.

The Comic-Con panel of The Video Game Culture of Zombies: How “Dead Rising 3” on Xbox One Kicks Off a New Generation of Mayhem – comprised of the game’s Executive Producer and creative lead Josh Bridge and Art Director Alan Jarvie. Both took turns in telling how the zombie game has evolved over time; noting that the zombies this time around even are anatomically correct. For a demonstration he sliced up a Zombie AI to show how the organs are all in the right places.

One other feature hit upon by the developers was SmartGlass which “will allow you to receive contact from an in-game character with access to some serious firepower.”

Dead Rising 3 will launch on the Xbox One later this fall but I won’t label it as an exclusive yet. The game will pretty much land on other platforms by next year.

Source Capcom Unity