Wasteland 2 Delayed, Beta Begins in October

Kickstarter project Wasteland 2 was originally scheduled for release this October. However, developer inXile Entertainment has now announced in a new update post on the campaign’s page that the game is behind schedule and hence will not meet the October release date.

Brian Fargo, the game’s producer revealed that Wasteland 2 needs another six weeks of development time before its complete.

“This feature complete playable is about six weeks behind where I had wanted it to be but I can’t be too surprised considering the increased scope,” Fargo explained. “We have been able to accomplish so much in so little time by our experience, fantastic team and tools.”

The game way have been pushed back for its final release but the completion of the “feature playable” version means that beta testing will commence in October. Players can finally jump into the game and see if its worth all the wait.

“Once the beta testing begins in October and once we have enough feedback from testing, we can evaluate where we’re at and set a new release date. By that stage, over ten thousand of our backers will have gotten to play the game with us. In the end, quality comes before everything and fortunately the backers have been in line with us to make sure we get it right.”

Fargo noted that Wasteland 2 is probably the biggest game he has worked on. “One of the unique aspects to our crowd funding campaign is that we greatly overfunded which is wonderful in allowing us to create a larger experience, one that is in fact quite epic in size,” he said. “It could well be the largest RPG I have worked on to date.”

A new release date is yet to be announced.