Drivatars Clarified for Forza Motorsports 5

Earlier this week it was confirmed that the upcoming Forza Motorsports 5 would require a one-time connection to the internet so that it can download drivatars, tracks, cars, and other details for the game itself. A lot of gamers feel that this is unnecessary and is just being used as an anti-piracy measure, much like the reaction to the news that the Xbox One would be “always on”. Microsoft have come forward to give more details on the situation and lend gamers a bit more clarification.

The ‘day-one download’ will include a lot of data that couldn’t be put on the disk, such as drivatar data generated by other human beings. We already know that your drivatar will gather information on how you drive, but obviously it can only get information from you. With them being unique to each player, you do need to get information from the internet so that you can race against friend’s drivatars.

There will be drivatars on disc, which has some players confused on the situation. The on-disc drivatars have been trained by the developers themselves so that you’ll always have something to race against. Plus the guys at Turn10 Studios get to have some fun with the game they’re developing as well. There’s also drivatars trained by certain members of the community, and these on-disc ‘players’ will cover all possible difficulty settings.

After the one-time connection, you don’t have to connect online again, but it is recommended so that you can download more recent drivatars from your friends and from other players online. There’s nothing stopping you from playing offline though after the initial online connection.