Unconfirmed GTA V Details Show Up

A Spanish website has recently reported a number of previously unknown details about Rockstar’s upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto V.

The information they revealed all seems to be quite legitimate, but we haven’t had an official confirmation from Rockstar themselves yet, so the validity of these details remains in question.

Despite there being no answer from Rockstar yet, the information seems surprisingly trustworthy. All the information fits in with what we know about the game so far. Here’s what we learned from Area Jugones:

  • The special abilities of each character will be activated using the L3 button
  • Franklin starts out smalltime, restoring cars for an Armenian man named Simeon Yetaria. He will work his way up the crime ladder throughout the course of the game.
  • You can check the bank balance of each character using the various ATMs throughout the city of Los Santos.
  • You’ll be able to pick up and drop off hitchhikers, though if there is any reason or reward for doing so is unconfirmed
  • Michael will be able to steal money from ATMs through a mini-game
  • You’ll be able to browse the world wide web from your character’s cell phone, which will replace the internet cafés we saw in GTA IV
  • Cars will leak gas/oil if you drill a hole in their tank, leaving a trail behind them. You can then drive these cars into groups of enemies and ignite the oil trail you leave behind to blow up the car and the surrounding enemies.
  • There will be hundreds of accessories to dress up your dog with.
  • Pets can get lost, or die. If they do, you can buy a new one at the pet store.
  • You can kill animals and then sell their meat to local food factories and farms. The meat you sell will be used by fast food restaurants in the game.
  • Your car will get towed if it is parked illegally, and you’ll have to pay a fine at the municipal department if you want to retrieve it. If you’ve just hijacked a random car, maybe you won’t want it back, but if you’ve customised it a lot then it’ll be worth buying it back.
  • There should be underwater exploration missions, but the specifics of such are still unknown.

Exciting, isn’t it?