New Pokemon Crossover Coming?

Oh, Game Freak. You do spoil us so. Remember the wildly popular Pokémon Conquest released just last year? It was a crazy crossover game that allowed us to look at the Pokémon series in a different light, and it looks like there might be another crossover game on the way.

Game Freak posted the above image on a new part of their website earlier today. The glowing silhouette is pretty hard to figure out (What is that? A tapir or something?), but the text behind it is translatable (thanks Gematsu!)

That classic game played around the world is reborn in a surprise collaboration.

What does this mean? We still don’t know, but that doesn’t mean we can’t subject it to some rather wild speculation. The message most likely references a new crossover title, but why is it a surprise? I doubt that it will be a sequel to Pokémon Conquest (despite wishing it would be), so we might be looking at an all new kind of game.

The glowing silhouette doesn’t lend too many answers. It doesn’t look like any Pokemon that I know, nor can I recognize it from any other game series. Perhaps you know? If you’ve got an idea, tell us in the comments below.