NCAA Football 14 Achievements and Trophies Guide

If you’re a true fan of NCAA 14, then undoubtedly you’ll be looking to collect all of the numerous achievements in the game.

Many of them can be really tedious to obtain, but with this guide, and a little bit of luck when running the simulator for various game modes, you can get all of them without too much trouble.

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All Too Easy (10G)
This Achievement is unlocked by simply playing a game with custom difficulty settings for both offense and defense.

Face Off (20G)
For this achievement you need to construct a custom avatar using the Gameface feature on the EA Sports official website here ( The utility is not too difficult to use, but you’ll need to log in using your EA account.

Once you’re in, you can either make a new avatar or just select one of the pre-made models, and save it. Once that’s done head into the Road to Glory game mode and Create a new Player.

The game should automatically inform you that your gameface on your EA account has been updated and will ask if you want to import it. Hit yes and you should see the achievement pop.

Pick Up 20 (15G)
A pretty simple achievement, simply get a run of at least 20 yards before you are downed and you’ll get it. Oh and you can’t do it in Co-op.

Go For Broke (15G)
In this one you need to complete a 50 yard pass. This can be fairy difficult so try to pick a really bad team to go against like the University of Southern Alabama.

When play starts have your QB back off while your receiver is hot footing it down the field. This will basically give you more distance.

Tire Fire Offense (30G)
This one is not so difficult for the amount of Gamerscore it gives. Basically you need to win without scoring an offensive touchdown and gaining less than 200 yards. Of course this is not possible in Co-op as it would be too easy to cheat.

Basically, you can’t score a touchdown, so you need to score using field goals. Just get one kick in and stall for the rest of the game.

Get My Good Side (10G)
So basically all you have to do to get this achievement is play a game with a different camera angle. Start up a match, and once it’s going, hit start. Go to visual settings in the menu and change the camera angle.

Restart the match and the achievement will pop just as gameplay begins. You don’t even have to finish the game.

Who’s The Big Winner (10G)
To win this achievement, all you need to do is win an auction for an NCAA Ultimate Team Item. Just check out the auction when you’re in Ultimate Team, search through all the items and choose the cheapest one.

Wait until the auction ends, and you should get a message saying that you’ve won the auction and the achievement will pop.

Keep ‘em Honest (10G)
This achievement is unlocked when you gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game. It’s not hard to unlock if you play a good team vs. a really bad team on freshman difficulty.

When the game ends the achievement pops.

You’re But The Learner (15G)
For this simple achievement all you need to do is finish one of the drills. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how many points you get or medals you earn, just finish a drill.

Gold Digger (15G)
For this one, you need to get the gold medal in a drill. Any drill will do. Just keep trying until you get the required number of points.

Now I Am The Master (30G)
Finish all the drills available.

End of the Rainbow (15G)
For this one you need to finish all the drills and also get Gold in all of them.

Dream Job (xxG)
For this achievement, you need to start a dynasty campaign and become head coach of your Alma Mater (the University where you studied). Make sure that contracts are on, and when you create a coach, take note of the Alma Mater (you can change it).

When it becomes time to sign for a school, select the one that was your alma mater and the achievement will pop as soon as the contract is signed.

One To Remember (20G)
For this achievement you need schedule a visit with only complimentary players.

Not exactly sure what a complimentary player is but I believe it refers to anything but a Quarterback, Running Back or Wide Reciever. An easy (if unreliable) way to get this is by taking a team and simulating the first season so see what achievements you randomly get.

Last Place Winner (10G)
This achievement requires that you schedule a prospect’s fifth and final visit. So just do that. You can also randomly get this by simulating a team’s season.

Perfect Match (10G)
For this you need to have an A+ in a prospect’s interests when they visit. To do so just shove all your points into the player to get their grade up in their interests.

Living Legend (50G)
If you want this achievement you need to get a coaching prestige of at least A+ in dynasty with contracts on and the easiest way to do this is to simply simulate the seasons until you get to the Bowl week and you sometimes get the achievement automatically.

Hometown Hero (50G)
For this one you simply need to take your Alma Mater team in dynasty all the way to the championships as a head coach in dynasty with coaching contracts on. Again, simply simulate to the Bowl week if all you want is the 50 gamerscore.

Let’s Do it Again (20G)
As head coach for a school in Dynasty, once you’ve finished a contract, sign on again if they offer you an extension. As before, simply simulating the entire contract is fine if a bit random. You don’t have to play through the entire second contract term, the achievement will pop the second you re-sign.

Thief (20G)
For this achievement, you need to ‘Break a locked prospect’. If you’re playing Dynasty as a head coach, you’ll notice that some prospects in the recruiting screen have a little lock next to them and you can’t recruit them.

Level up your ‘Locksmith’ coach skill to 3, and spend some points to break one of these prospects. The achievement will pop as soon as you do.

Halfway There (50G)
For this achievement you need to max out the first two levels of the Head Coach skill tree. This means that the bottom two rows of a skill tree need to be completely filled out.

As always, you can get skill points by simply simulating some seasons. Remember to leave the skills screen for your changes to save.

Go Outside (70G)
This achievement awards a really good amount of Gamerscore and you can get it by Maximizing the Game Management skill tree while playing as a coach in Dynasty. As always, an hour’s worth of simulation will usually get you enough skill points to fill it out.

Pop The Clutch (20G)
For this achievement you need to maximize the ‘Clutch’ skill in the Game management skill tree. If you got Go Outside above then you’ll also have this.

My Two Cents (15G)
This one is pretty simple as well. Basically all you need to do is comment on another players Dynasty. You can do this by downloading another players Dynasty file (you need an internet connection) and going into the dynasty.

Don’t bother to create a new coach, just select a team and get into it. You should see a menu option listed as ‘Dynasty Wire’. Here you can write a comment on the dynasty for the achievement.

Start The Journey (10G)
Not really rocket science for this one. You just need to win a NCAA Ultimate Team Seasons game to get this achievement.

This One Is Hard 3.0 (50G)
OK so for this achievement you’re really going to have to work hard, or spend real money. You need to build an Ultimate team with a skill rating of at least 85.

You’ll need to play a lot and grind up coins, or spend a dollar and get some packs from the store. Just build a team where all the players have a rating above 85 and you’re done.

NCAA Ultimate Team Fanatic (20G)
For this achievement, you need to complete a total of 20 NCAA Ultimate Team Games. When you have done so, head back to the main menu and the achievement will pop.

Unstoppable (15G)
Here you need to win a game by at least 35 points on Heisman difficulty. The easiest way to do this is to simply start a match as Alabama versus a team like Georgia State and just super sim the game.

Of course you could just play out the match too.

Welcome to the Club (70G)
For this you need to win the national championship in the first year of Dynasty with either Sount Alabama, Georgia State or Old Dominion. It’s a pretty straightforward kind of an achievement.

The only ways to make this easier on you is if you reduce the amount of time per quarter and change the difficulty to Freshman.

Best Class Ever (15G)
For this achievement you need to have the number one ranked recruiting class in a season in single team dynasty mode. For an easier time of recruiting great players, invest points in players that you target, and target players that have your college for their first choice.

Advance to signing day and check the rankings. If you’re not number one, try again, if you are, then advance to the next stage to get the achievement.

Dual Threat Coach (100G)
If you manage to get the best class as in the above achievement, advance forward with the same team and win the BCS Championship for the season for the achievement.

Hoarder (20G)
For this achievement you need to complete and NCAA Ultimate Team Collection. You can choose any kind of collection but I found that the one with the cards that were easiest to obtain is the mascot collection. You can usually get the correct items from the auction.

Top Of The Class (50G)
This is a very difficult achievement to get as you are required to win an NCAA Ultimate Team championship. An exploit you can use is to arrange your matchmaking to match you against a friend.

Search for a very obscure and unpopular matchup between two teams that are not picked very often, with you from one team and your friend from another.

Make sure you’ve been matched up against one another before you go into the game, and when it starts, have your friend throw it (or just quit).

And The Winner Is… (15G)
This is a pretty simple achievement. Just win the Heisman Trophy in single team Dynasty, Road to Glory or the Heisman Challenge mode. I recommend you do it in the Heisman challenge mode and you can even try your luck by simulating everything.