Infinity Blade 2 Reaches 5.7M Downloads on App Store’s Anniversary Promotion

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of App Store Apple had struck a deal to give away many of the applications including best selling apps for free. Infinity Blade 2, included in the list has received an overwhelming response even for the developers Chair Entertainment by reaching nearly 5.7 million.

Laura Mustard the Chair Entertainment Publicist was talking to AllThingsD when she shared these figures.

The promotion lasted a whole week in which five “groundbreaking” paid applications and five “landmark” paid games were put up for free. It seems like the Infinity Blade fans were more than eager to get hold of the game for free because its downloads touched 1.7 million only in the first day!

The Sword Fighting Role Playing Action game belongs to a franchise that has been quite popular among fans and the usually $7 game going up on a paid to free promotion was bound to get it the hype it did.

Though the game went for free Chair could benefit from the deal insofar as the in-game purchases are concerned –after all 5.7 million new users will now be playing it. Although this is a fact that Mustard advocated that Chair isn’t counting on the in-game revenues.

Together with Infinity Blade, the two games have now reached a total of 50 million copies ever since they were released in the market something that really raises ambiguity about the reasons behind cancellation of Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

Other games included were: Badland, Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP, Over and Traktor DJ.