Deus Ex: The Fall Patch Fixes Jailbreak Restrictions on Firing Weapons

A couple of days ago we learnt that Deus Ex the Stealth Action Cyberpunk iOS game wasn’t allowing mobile owners to play the game that had purchased and installed in on jailbroken devices. This came to the utter dismay of many owing to which the problem has now been fixed with a new patch by Square Enix.

Deus Ex was released to Apple’s iPhone on the 11th of July this month when many of the users who had legally purchased jailbroken devices faced a cheeky dead end in the tutorial of the game. When trying to shoot during the tutorial users were withheld from continuing to play the game with a message that read:

“We are sorry but you can’t fire on jailbroken devices”

Thankfully, this has been rectified by Square Enix after a week’s worth of comments and posts urging them so. As reported by Joystiq a patch has been introduced into the game which now removes the blocking allowing users to fire guns on all devices.

Accompanying this were other improvements that have probably been added to recompense for the consternation caused previously. The patch increases XP rewards and Credits, builds on the damage and accuracy of the Combat Rifle used, Improves the AI and even reduces the costs of some weapons like Rocket Launchers and Plasma Rifles. Compensated enough?

You can download the game now from App Store to your iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4s or better, ipod 5 or above without the previous worry looming around your head.