Copperhead – The new Antagonist in Batman: Arkham Origins

In a recent announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. & DC Comics confirmed that unsung villain Copperhead will make her debut in Batman: Arkham Origins.

In case, you are not familiar with Copperhead, this obscure snake-like villain made its first appearance in the comics during 1960s. However, for the game, the publishers have changed it to a female expert acrobat.

I don’t know how many people will take her incursion in the game but Warner Bros. team was really delirious about it! And so am I!

The game’s designer – Eric Holmes – said that they wanted a snake-like villain to be featured in the game but a giant sweaty guy wrapping his body around Batman would have looked… kind of, odd. So they opted for this girl.

“We wanted a character that moved like a snake, but we have a lot of guys in the game already, and wrapping a big sweaty guy around Batman didn’t seem like such an appealing thing. So if we changed that to a girl that didn’t seem such a bad thing.”

The little we saw of Copperhead at the Comic-Con showed her lurking in the pipes and then pounding upon Batman; wrapping around his body & eventually poisoning him.

According to Holmes, they had to use three individual motion capture actors in order to catch Copperhead’s movements.

Copperhead certainly looks fantastic & we are eager to see more of her! Luckily, Warner Bros. has bestowed us with a trailer straight from Comic-Con that will give you a glimpse of her.

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