Tribes: Ascend May Get Map-Making Tools in Future

Don’t give up all your hopes on Tribes: Ascend just yet!

Earlier this week, we heard from Hi-Rez Studios – the studio behind Tribes: Ascend – that as of now their center of attention has been changed over to developing their forthcoming MOBA – SMITE – and Global Agenda 2.

This resulted in a temporary suspension in the development for Tribes: Ascend. But that was all until now! In a recent interview with Rock,Paper,Shotgun; Hi-Rez Studios’ CEO – Todd Harris – told the community that Tribes: Ascend is not dead yet. The community can provide support to the game by a new map-making tool that will be available soon.

Although Harris did not provide with much details as to what Hi-Rez will be plying, we do know that the studio will release a full set of map-making tools within the following six months.

Neither did he provide us with any kind of release date because he believes that the idea is novel and they need to work on it before finalizing anything.

Sit back & relax and let the community do your job. How does that sound to you?