Sony: PS4 Will Support PS3 Wireless Headsets

Sony officials have finally confirmed that the new PlayStation 4 will support all PlayStation 3 wireless headsets out of the box.

That’s great news for current PS3 owners who have invested heavily in its audio department. A wireless headset isn’t cheap and when you’re already paying $400 for a new console; you expect it to have support for the predecessor’s peripherals.

The PlayStation 4 will still ship with its own headset though that will be available for purchase separately for $60.

Sony will launch their console later this year just in time for the holiday season. Those attending the San Diego Comic-Con can get their first look at the console, which is on display at Sony’s booth. You can even get a chance to feel it up if you want.

In related news the Xbox One will ‘not’ be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 headsets. Though Microsoft later revealed that they are working on a converter that will allow users to plug in their existing peripherals with the new console.

Source: Polygon