Japanese Pikmin 3 Release Boosts Wii U Sales

The Wii U is alive and, uh, maybe not so well, but it did manage to move a significant amount of units in Japan thanks to Pikmin 3’s release and New Super Luigi U.

Released in Japan on July 13, Pikmin has already sold over 92,000 units. New Super Luigi U sold 24,000 in addition to the previously-released digital version.

The success of the games helped put a fire under the Wii U, propelling it into 22,000 consumers’ hands in the last week alone.

Wii U sales have slowed down in the U.S. as well, but with Japan’s impressive performance, Nintendo must be on the edge of their seats awaiting Pikmin 3’s August release. Whether it’s the type of console-selling game that Americans eat up remains to be seen. It is, however, getting solid reviews in Japan, with Famitsu giving it a 37 out of 40.

Pikmin 3 will lead the pack of a string of major Wii U releases, so Nintendo’s underdog might just get the booster shot it needs into the holiday season.

Source: 4Gamer