Deadly Premonitions Might Come on PC

I’m quite uncertain as to how PC gaming community will react to this news but it looks like Deadly Premonition is finally making a debut on PC platform.

Anyway, it’s totally up to you guys to destine what will become of this decision as the publisher – Rising Star Games – has put up the game for voting on Steam Greenlight. This will give you guys a chance to decide whether you want the game or not!

It must be noted that the publisher has promised to make the game even more promising with PC version with better graphics, bonus DLC, a novel scene from Swery65 and Achievements/Steam Trading Cards.

If you have not gott a chance to try out Deadly Premonitions until now; this is the moment to seize this opportunity. This game certainly deserves your attention, in my opinion.

Don’t forget to watch the PC announcement trailer!

What do you think about the PC version of this game? Will you be getting it any time soon?