State of Decay PC Version: Steam Early Access & More

Though the release date for the PC version is yet to be announced, State of Decay fans can link their hopes to one thing; the game will be available through Steam’s Early Access Platform! The zombie infused sandbox game has been the reason for a lot of excitement over the Xbox community.

The information provided through a live stream by Jeff Strain the founder was later relayed to twitter and on the Undead Labs forums

Developer Undead Lab’s twitter profile gave account to the new developments regarding State of Decay yesterday in multiple tweets. Where the first one announced that the game will be granted Steam’s Early Access to facilitate the eagerly awaiting fans; another tweet explained that the early access version will be a controller only and that the final version will be mouse and keyboard inclusive.

The quite active twitter page went on to tweet one more confirmation on the same day that the PC version will be out by the end of this year – emphasis on “will”.

Now that is a lot of information; SOD full version comes out on PC by the end of this year, Steam Early Access will be provided but it will be a controller only. It looks like they are really strategizing on that PC release.

But that is not it; when the early access is triggered, users will be able to play the game just as it is developed. The Live Stream also motioned towards enhanced graphics, higher resolution and higher framerate while declining any special content for the PC version at the same time.

Jeff discussed modding tools as well when saying that the PC version won’t have different content or features: “What the PC version also won’t have are modding tools (for time/testing reasons), but we have no objection to mods or modders, and we look forward to seeing what our PC players come up with.”

Though there is no specific release date mentioned here but the “by the end of this year” commitment would do for now if the developers stick to their word.