Samurai Warriors 2 HD Remake Coming to PS3/PS Vita this October

We are very well aware of the fact that HD remakes of games are an easy way to make good bucks but considering the idea of a HD remake of Samurai Warriors 2 with Xtreme Legends & Empires again, does seem queer as Tacmo Koei has already created the HD versions of Samurai Warriors 2 and the two expansions for Xbox 360.

Almost six years after the HD remake of the Samurai Warriors 2 for Xbox 360, the game is all set to release on Playstation 3 & Playstation Vita. Samurai Warriors 2 with Xtreme Legends & Empires HD remake was announced at Famitsu and is scheduled to release on 24th of October, 2013.

The game has a price-tag of 5,040 yen (around $51) or 8,190 yen (around $82) if you wish to get your hands on a premium box.

Samurai Warriors 2 will also be sold with both expansions for 4,500 yen (around $45), or if you wish to buy them separately, then Xtreme Legends will cost you 3,000 yen (around $30) and Empires will cost you 2,700 yen, i.e. $27.

As for Playstation Vita version of the game, it will only be available as a digital download from the Playstation Network at the same price as its Playstation 3 counter-part.