League of Fighters – A 2D Fighting Game Based on LoL Characters

Massively played MOBA known as League of Legends is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. But if you still don’t like playing it; now is your chance as some people who like to call themselves Team Instaburst are creating a F2P 2D fighting game called League of Fighters which is entirely based on League of Legends characters.

The people at Team Instaburst do seem like intelligent people as they have already saved themselves from the trouble of lawsuit by asking the approval of Riot Games which they readily provided.

Now all Instaburst lacks in is a good team, and once they get it; we will be seeing a 2D fighting version of League of Legends. Only a matter of few months, I presume. The team has also made a trailer of the game, but it still needs to be polished a bit.

What would you like to have added in the League of Fighters?