Valve’s New Pipeline Program Encourages Young Talent to become Great Developers

Valve is giving its teenage employees a new program, called Pipeline, to discuss the challenges with breaking into games development and help aspiring designers find an entry point into this industry we all love.

On its new website, Valve’s Pipeline seeks to answer questions such as “What is it like to work on video games?” “What should I study?” “What colleges are best for preparing me?” and “How do I get a job in video games?”

While Valve is notorious for its experienced staff, Pipeline is an experiment to see how well it can transform a group of high-school students, without work experience, into successful Valve developers.

“We want to establish a connection to the world of teenagers that are asking many questions about getting into the gaming industry,” Valve said. “We look to answer many of these questions and are willing to reach out to the community and give them the information they need.”

New information on Pipeline is coming down the, err, pipeline, “within the next month of so.” Until then, here’s a Pipeline produced video:

Source: Valve Pipeline