Liege Gets a Green Signal from Sony for Vita and PS4 Ports

The indie developer – John Rhee – has confirmed that ‘Liege’ – a tactical RPG – will release on Playstation Vita & Playstation 4.

Earlier we heard that this was only possible if the project managed to pull off a total amount of $52,000 in funding and this will also confirm a Linux release.

The project which is currently being funded at Kickstarter has managed to collect $31,596 with 1500 backers. So it only needs around $15,000 more to accomplish the goal with 12 days in hand.

Personally, I think that it’s going to make it; and if it does, Coda Games will ask the backers in waves as to which version they would prefer.

John Rhee himself commented on this, saying, “The games I’ve played on Playstation consoles, including proposals like FF Tactics, FF VII and Suikoden, have influenced the vision we have with Liege, so seeing how he comes to this platform is almost unbelievable.”

As of now, Liege is guaranteed to release on PC & Mac.

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