Flyro Debuts Today for Just 99 Cents

Gregoire Cherlin, a former game designer at Valve, sees his first game ‘Flyro’ debut today on the iPhone.

Flyro puts the controls to a little green bird into the hands of players; as it works tediously to dodge and destroy obstacles thrown in its path by the evil Moustermind.

The difficulty level of the game, according to Cherlin, adjusts to your skill. If a player in the beginning finds it relatively easy to go through the obstacles, the game will throw in more advanced challenges and obstacles, which include mines, barricades, rockets and trap barrels.

Cherlin previously worked as a designer on Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead, Portal 2 and Dota 2. He though left last year to form his own studio in Bellevue, Washington which currently consists of six members.

“We want to make games for gamers like us,” Cherlin said. “We value elegant simplicity and depth.”

Flyro is currently available for 99 cents on the iPod and iPhone but will rise to $1.99 after July 23.

via VentureBeat