Meet the New Pikmin 3 Characters

It seems that Olimar will be getting some reinforcements in Pikmin 3 in the form of Captain Charlie, Alph and Brittany, and we’ll be getting some cool new gameplay along with them.

You can watch the trailer above for a look at the new characters. They don’t really feature any new abilities or powers, but do offer some more depth in gameplay by assisting you in covering more ground and being able to throw one another onto ledges you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. They also work in tandem by holding the doors open for one another.

We also get a short look at the red Pikmin, who are apparently fiercer and more resilient than others.

The Wii U exclusive drops on July 26 in Europe and August 4 in North America. Will you help the Travelers in their quest to escape PNF-404?