Fez Sells 105k Units in 48 Hours From Steam Sales

Steam Summer Sale is here, and just about every single PC gamer is chomping at the bit for all these awesome games at all these awesome prices.

This sale isn’t just a chance for us to get some of those big AAA games at lower prices, this is also an opportunity to try out a whole slough of indie games that we’ve never had chance to play before.

One of those games, which proved immensely popular on Xbox Live, is Fez and it has been discounted to $5 for the duration of this sale. That’s a pretty good price for such a good game, and it shows, because Phil Fish revealed that the game has sold over 105,000 units in just the first 48 hours of the sale.

Fish broke the news via his Twitter account last night, with some choice phrases that only Phil Fish himself could get away with using. Fez has sold 200k units on Xbox Live since the release in May 2012.

In the first 24 hours of the Steam Sale, they sold more units than they had done in the three months since Fez debuted on Steam. In 48 hours they’d sold more units on Steam than they had in the first month of release on Xbox Live.

The sheer numbers were highly impressive, considering how popular the game was already. With 105k sales in the bag already, how many might we expect to see by the end of the sale next week?