Ex-Activision Vice President Robin Kaminsky Joins Trion Worlds

Robin Kaminsky who is known to have worked at Activision Blizzard as Executive Vice President for publishing has now reportedly made a comeback to the gaming industry by joining Trion Worlds the publishers behind Rift and Defiance.

Kaminsky had previously held the executive office at Activision from 2005 to 2008 before switching to nongaming, though executive, positions in numerous other companies ranging from technology related names to toy companies.

The news went public through an interview of Robin Kaminsky with Venturebeat that came in a couple of days ago. The interview conveys the motive behind this move in clear words stating that the eminent importance of free to play market and online games and Trion Worlds’ involvement in these genres have made her choose them.

Trion Worlds has Massively Multiplayer Online games like Rift and Defiance to their title already and according to Kaminsky “They are very much at the cutting edge as an online team. They have put a real emphasis on free-to-play. I believe the future is in online free-to-play games, and so I am excited to be involved with them”.

Her addition to the board of directors of Trion Worlds would certainly give them an extra piece of expertise that could aid them by all means in the publishing house’s upcoming ventures. Trion Worlds is apparently all set for a full batch of games that would focus on the micro transaction model instead of subscription models.

Having worked for a name like Activision in the past does have its perks doesn’t it?