Bioshock for PS Vita Still A Possibility

Back in the old days of June 2011, Ken Levine spoke of the possibility of a mythical Bioshock game for the PS Vita. Since then we’ve had absolutely no word on the title, making everyone think that maybe it was just a pipe dream after all, but a recent tweet from the big man himself has rekindled the fire of hope:

As you can see, Levine has been actively trying to ‘make a match’ with regards to a Vita Bioshock game. It’s interesting to note that Shahid, the man who responds to Levine’s tweet, announced back in May that they would be having “an AMAZING big title coming to Vita” and that “its not indie, it’s not a port”.

If this is true then it would most likely not be a Bioshock title from Shahid’s side, since that would most likely be an original game. Also, there was much disappointment when Shahid responded to someone claiming ‘something big is about to happen!’ by saying that it really isn’t that easy.

Still keeping my fingers crossed. The Vita really needs more quality titles if it’s going to hold its own in the future.