F1 2013 Contains “Exciting New Features”, Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

Codemasters has teased the first reveal of this year’s F1 2013 racing title to happen tomorrow on July 15.

Community manager Luke Spring took to twitter today where he posted an image showing off the box spine and in turn the game’s logo. The text with the image read “Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day. #F12013”.

Later he followed up by saying the game has “some exciting new features” and will be revealed this week.

However, he did not comment when asked on the platforms. Is the new F1 game heading for next-gen consoles as well? In response he just said “platforms will be announced tomorrow”.

Personally I feel the game is not heading for the next-gen platforms. The latest F1 title was mostly in development in the past year and I don’t see Codemaster shifting gears to overhaul the title for next-gen consumers.

Additionally last year game director Paul Jeal suggested that the game wouldn’t be released for next-gen platforms until next year’s version, F1 2014.

“I’ve got something that I’d love to do for [F1] ’13,” Jeal told GamerZines, “we’re just trying to make it happen. And I think we’ll probably go next-gen for ’14, but who knows at the moment.”