Tekken Revolution Character Poll – Do the Choices Fit In?

As received, the list of 10 prospective characters that the users are currently voting on is being received with a little skepticism by voters and analysts alike. Not that there is nothing peculiar about the Tekken series already but most of the characters put up for voting by Namco Bandai are rather too weird.

Although Katsuhiro Harada referred to the list as “all new” and purported it to be a rather attractive one, he might have failed on the point of providing compatible quality.

For instance sitting second on the list is the Syake/Salmon; a fighting fish – literally. Even in Tekken Revolution’s website’s own words “punch buttons would cause the Salmon to flop around and the kick buttons would make it release eggs” and that “If, for some unforeseen reason, this character is actually chosen, development may be quite difficult”. Now this was a Tekken 3 concept, scrapped even then.

Then there is the Sexy Female Tekken Force Character who was previously dropped for adorning costumes that were too revealing –the publishers feared a rise in the ratings which is something they still don’t want. Her dress would certainly need to be changed if she is to visit Tekken Revolution.

Shin Kamiya, another proposed character is a classmate of Jin Kazama wh featured in the 3DCG movie Tekken Blood Vengeance as a person who doesn’t know any martial arts –oops. Not to forget that he died in the movie, so err… bring back the dead and give him a black belt since the role demands it. Who wants a storyline anyway?

Well if you found something un-weird in all those how about a Zombie Bride that walks around in a wedding dress –imagine how a zombie would look during a fight especially when it’s a girl in a wedding gown. Last but not the least, for some unexpected and unexplained reason Paul has been converted into a girl and he/she is now Female Paul; even the website calls it “too off the wall”.

Well then, if you would want any of them to join the playable gang, you can go on and vote for them on Tekken’s Official Facebook Page – the voting ends tomorrow.