Tekken Revolution Original Character Poll – 3 New Characters to be Added

So this one is official and certainly worth some excitement. The guys at Namco Bandai are taking their fan loyalty up another notch by allowing them to vote for what character they want to see in the latest edition of the game; Tekken Revolution.

The Original Character Poll was announced by none other than Katsuhiro Harada, the mind behind Tekken series through a post on TwitLonger. The post inaugurated a poll that is being held now through a Facebook App on Tekken’s Facebook Page.

Once the poll is over on the 14th – tomorrow, three characters out of the plenty proposed ones will be taken up for consideration as a playable character in Tekken Revolution. This is live and now.

All of the characters in the list are being boasted for being “all new” insofar that they have never been played in a Tekken game before though there are some that were bound to hit the rack but couldn’t due to some reason. Regardless of that, all the characters have some sort of a storyline that is linked to the previous versions of the game or the context in which other characters have lived in the past.

Though the process of the voting has been conveyed on the Facebook post mentioned previously, here is a list and short description of the prospective characters, courtesy of Tekken Revolution Website:

  1. Sexy Female Tekken Force Character
  2. Syake/Salmon
  3. Female Vampire (A young girl, long imprisoned by the Rochefort family)
  4. Shin Kamiya
  5. Tougou
  6. Zombie Bride
  7. Female Paul
  8. Giant Praying Matis
  9. Average, run-of-the-mill Old Man
  10. Ganmi-chan

If you are a Tekken fanatic hurry up to vote for the character you’d like best. Oh and do tell us which one would that be?