Rovio Teases Angry Birds: A Phantom Menace Image

Rovio teased a new image today hinting at what’s next in line for Angry Birds – more Star Wars. The image depicts the an exact image from one of Star Wars: A Phantom Menace’s movie posters, showing the bird as Anakin and his shadow as Darth Vadar.

You can see the original movie poster above …and here’s the one Rovio tweeted:


The image was tweeted along with “Big new game announcement coming on Monday!” with the hashtag “July 15th.”

Whether this is an entirely new game, as Rovio is calling it, or an add-on for the existing Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t exactly clear. We’ll probably know for sure when July 15th rolls around.
Until then, what does everyone think about an Episode 1 themed Angry Birds?