Epic Games Confirms the Unannounced Triple-A Shooter

Last time we heard, Epic Games – the studio behind Gears of War – was looking for someone to fill in the spot of a senior systems designer for their unannounced game.

Recently, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games has confirmed that the developer is working on a forthcoming triple-A shooter which should not be confused with the upcoming PC-online, survival game Fortnite.

Sweeney did not say much about the game itself but we do know that it’s going to be a shooter with loads of online features – just like most of Epic Games’ projects.

In an interview with the Eurogamer, Sweeney told that after the completion of Gears of War 3, the studio diverted its attention to many projects. Some started working on Fortnite, some on other smaller projects and others on this unannounced shooter.

People are already speculating as to what title this could be? A new Gears of War or Unreal Tournament?

Needless to say that Unreal Engine will be an integral part in this project. During the same interview, Sweeney told that gamers will be able to see photorealistic graphics in the near future.

To put it into his words, “Things are going to get really interesting. We’ll be able to render environments that are absolutely photo-realistic within the next 10 years, like indistinguishable from reality level of graphics.”

With the next generation of consoles & technology at hand, I would love to believe that this is certainly going to happen. We’ve already seen enough of technology advancements in terms of games at E3 this year and it excites me to think where it would take us after 5 to 10 years.

As far as Epic Games is concerned, their idea is to develop a game for a PC and then porting it to other platforms. For instance, Fortnite is only for PC right now but by the time they are done with it, we will be able to play it on most of the platforms out there.

What do you speculate this new game could be? And what are your thoughts on photorealistic graphics? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!