Dota 2 Update Introduces Abaddon & Addresses Minor Issues

Following the release of long-awaited MOBA game by Valve – DOTA 2 – the developer has rolled out a new update for the game which addresses several minor tweaks and introduces ghost knight Abaddon and his Phantom Seed.

A complete breakdown of Abaddon and his abilities along with other patch details are provided below:

Death Coil
Death Coil is a targeted ability, which can be used either for damaging enemies or curing friends. It has a pretty decent range and can be used to kill fleeing enemies or dying friends. To use this ability, you will not only need your mana but also a chunk of your health.

Aphotic Shield
Aphotic Shield prevents you from taking damage and does damage to enemy players. Along with this, it has a ton of other uses like minimizing the negative effects of buffs and stuns. You can also position it on any alley. It can absorb damage and then detonates, dealing massive damage around the target.

Curse of Avernus
Curse of Avernus can affect enemies and allies alike with different effects. When targeted at enemies, it can cause them to reduce their speed and any alley that will attack that target will receive attacking and speed bonuses for a short span of time. It will also work on towers.

Borrowed Time
Now this easily makes Abaddon one of the hardest heroes to kill in the game. When activated this ability will allow Abaddon to heal IF enemies damage him for that period of time. And even if you don’t activate this ability, it will automatically get activated when Abaddon is about to die.

The other details regarding the latest patch are given below:


  • Added Mok mandrill courier
  • Added Defense Grid announcer
  • Fixed orientation on Bounty Hunter’s Jinada Glows on workshop items
  • Fixed Nether Ward effect orientation for workshop items
  • Added support for workshop authored effects on Kunkka’s weapon

Bots will no longer stare at a dropped gem, futilely trying to destroy it.

Added support for Mac OS X

Minimum Mac OS X Requirements
OS X Lion 10.7 4GB RAM, 4GB Hard drive space. nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher

Added support for Linux

Minimum Linux System Requirements
Ubuntu 12.04, dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz, 4GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1, 4GB Hard Drive Space, OpenAL Compatible Sound Card

Updated Mekansm SFX.


  • Fixed Global Silence not showing the visual effect on Familiars even though they are silenced
  • Updated ability icons for Dark Seer and Dragon Knight
  • Added new disarmed effect
  • Fixes for a few portrait based effects, such as Enigma’s vortex

User Interface

  • Added a hotkey to Select All Units
  • Added a hotkey to activate Speed Burst on your flying courier
  • Minor reorganization to control settings page
  • Fixed Replay Speed Decrease hotkey missing from the configuration panel
  • Increased the maximum number of total spectator slots from 14 to 22
  • Removed Favorite hero count limit
  • Moved Solo Only Matchmaking to a setting on the main Find Match tab.
  • New Tournament Drops:
  • When a player reaches a Godlike streak
  • When a Courier is killed
  • When a player buys a Divine Rapier
  • When Earthshaker Echoslam’s 5 heroes
  • Fixed Quick Cast bug preventing use on neutrals/couriers


  • Added Player Card rewards. Unlock the Smeevil Crab mount by stamping complete teams
  • Added the International Fantasy Challenge.


  • Added match making option to opt out of Limited Hero mode
  • Fixed some players not receiving item rewards after completing training tasks
  • Play Tab will now remember your previous selection
  • Fixed various progression bugs in Mechanics II
  • Fixed disabled skill assignment using CTRL+Ability when in tutorial


  • Death Prophet: Fixed AI on Exorcism spirits that caused them to sometimes be less efficient and linger on units far from you
  • Doom: Fixed Doom not disabling Flak Cannon
  • Huskar: Fixed being able to attack while he is leaping in Life Break
  • Jakiro: Fixed Liquid Fire debuff being removed by Manta/BKB
  • Lich: Fixed the order of damage instances on Frost Nova
  • Omniknight: Fixed his spells not working on Mechanical units
  • Phantom Assassin: Fixed Stifling Dagger projectile speed traveling a little too slow
  • Sven: Fixed Storm Bolt aoe not hitting invisible units
  • Fixed Siege not getting increased damage when the Ranged Barracks dies
  • Fixed Buckler and Mekansm +2 active armor buff stacking
  • Fixed Vladmir’s Offering not working on Siege units

What do you think of the newly introduced Abaddon? Are you willing to use it in future? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!