Ubisoft Assures Watch Dogs Multiplayer Hacking Won’t Interfere with the Campaign

Watch Dogs
One of the games to watch this year is Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs. The game debuted at E3 2012 last year and featured a demo of the gameplay at this year’s E3, ramping up expectations even further.

The main aspect of Watch Dogs is its interconnected single player world of hacking, but not surprisingly a multiplayer mode has been teased. Ubisoft is now answering some of the more mysterious questions surrounding Watch Dogs, such as its multiplayer mode.

Ubisoft Communications Associate Anne Lewis answered several questions via the Ubisoft blog, discussing the game’s Disrupt engine, environmental effects, AI and reputation.

Concerns were voiced to Lewis about the multiplayer having a “negative impact” on the campaign, to which Lewis noted that the balance between the two modes has been handled carefully, with several options to keep the immersion of online play from ruining the single player experience.

“When you’re in your game, you won’t see other players just running around wreaking havoc,” said Lewis. “The only time another player will actually enter your world is when they accept a contract with your name on it. From there they can creep through your city streets, stalking you until they decide to strike. They will appear to you as any other Chicagoan, just like you would appear nondescript to them should you invade their game. There will never be two Aidens on the screen.”

The multiplayer feature can also be completely disabled for players who don’t want outside interruptions.

“Though the engine is built with this connectivity in mind, it can be turned off for players who prefer to explore unhindered by any outside influences. The multiplayer will also be unavailable during story missions, so you don’t need to worry about hackers while you’re in the middle of an important moment.”

Other concerns addressed the issue of whether current-gen owners would lose out on the entirety of the Watch Dog experience, with Lewis adding:

“There are no trimmed-down mechanics to make you feel as though you are missing out on the core experience. Watch Dogs is truly a next-gen game – not just in terms of offering cutting edge graphical performance on the next generation of consoles, but also when it comes to the gameplay, the immersion and the seamless online experience.”

Speaking on its Disrupt engine, Lewis stated that:

“Players are going to know they aren’t getting a bad experience if they play Watch Dogs for the current gen, but the next gen is the real HD experience. You can zoom in another level. You can have better shaders, better simulation on the wind or the water, more particles, better atmospherics… Basically anything you can get with more computing power.”

Watch Dogs releases for the Xbox One and PS4 later this year and will come out on November 19 for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Source: Ubisoft