Nintendo 3DS StreetPass DLC Update Reaches North America

Thanks to a new system software update, the Nintendo 3DS users of North America will now be able to rejoice on additional StreetPass Mii Plaza features such as four new downloadable games.

Forsaken previously in June when Europe and Japan received an update that included the aforementioned StreetPass Mii Plaza; North American Nintendo 3DS users would have been baffled with the last update for the absence of this specific update. Apparently that changes now.

According to Nintendo, the firmware update will let the users enjoy additional features that include:

“The ability to change your Mii character’s expression and the ability to purchase new StreetPass Mii Plaza games”

This comes along with the side note that only the users who can avail full Nintendo eShop facilities will be granted the downloads and the additional features as well as another update claiming improvements  to the usage and stability of the system.

The games (all involving an aspect of Mii) that will be up for download are:

  • Mii Force –a side scrolling shooter where you try and save the StreetPass Galaxy from transgressors
  • Flower Town –a gardening game just as the name suggests
  • Warrior’s Way –a strategy building war game that aims at ruling the world with your army
  • Monster Manor –an investigative game that features haunted houses, ghosts and mysteries

Each of the games will cost $4.99.